Intelligent decisions that grow your wealth!


Cardea International is a Luxembourg based investment management company founded in 2011. We provide our global clients with access to unique multi-asset solutions through our own funds as well as through individual and bespoke managed accounts.

Cardea’s multi-asset solutions are unique because our investment mandate is very flexible. For example, we can hold up to 100% cash in falling markets. We follow trends in assets from all over the world and use this information as a basis for our investment decisions. Our trend investment philosophy is combined with a strong focus on risk management that protects assets during difficult market conditions.

Please have a look around and then get in touch with us. We’d like to tell you how we can help you create strong returns with lower risk and why our motto is “Intelligent decisions that grow your wealth!

Company Overview

Cardea was established in 2011 to provide a better investment alternative for financial intermediaries globally. In 2014, Cardea opened its portfolio management service to individuals. Read more ...

Our Services

Our coherent strategy and tools build strong returns while minimizing the ups and downs in investor portfolios. Read more ...

Becoming a Client

We know that choosing the right financial advisor is an important decision. That is why our core business model assures you that we put your interests first. Read more ...