Cardea International is an investment management company that is currently managing the Mosaic Global Fund. The fund is a boutique multi-asset fund of funds that targets long-term capital growth through active and flexible asset allocation. The fund utilizes multi-asset class investing and uses advanced techniques for allocating capital and selecting targeted investments.

In this article, we breakdown what multi-asset class investing is all about and how does it exactly work when it comes to creating the most profit for your investment.

First off, we need to understand, what is an Asset Class?
Assets can be divided into many different types. The most known asset classes are stocks (equities), bonds and cash. Other types of asset classes are commodities, properties and currencies. Hedge funds and private equity funds, as well as physical investments such as infrastructure projects could be seen as different asset classes. Each asset class can be further divided into sub-classes. Bonds, for instance, could be divided into government bonds and corporate bonds; stocks could be divided into developed markets and emerging markets.

What is Multi-Asset Class Investing all about?
Multi-Asset Class investing blends together a large number of different investments and investment styles in one space. This is done to reduce the volatility of your portfolio without sacrificing upside return and growth potential.

How is Multi-Asset investing different from other types of investments?
The world is changing rapidly and so are the economic conditions that are so important for our investments to grow. Investors need to be able to actively re-balance their portfolios between asset classes regularly and the holdings in each asset class need constant reviewing. This takes a lot of time and experience, which makes this a daunting and practically impossible task for a private investor.

  • Most investors invest in funds with one or two, maybe three asset classes. The Mosaic Global Fund will give you access to up to 10 different asset classes.
  • Accessing more asset classes makes your portfolio return smoother and returns higher.
  • Multi-Asset Class investing is a new fresh way for clients to participate in a way of investying that was only available to large institutions and the wealthiest investors.

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Happy Investing!

Per Olov Jansson
CEO Cardea International


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