New Clients

We know that choosing the right financial advisor is an important decision. Cardea International’s client relationships are long lasting, built on mutual trust and respect. That is why our core business model assures you that we put your interests first. With our fee-based approach, you know that we are working only for you. Our investors find the transparency and benefits of fee-based service fresh and appealing in comparison to the world of hidden costs.

We have found that the clients who benefit most from our services have investable assets greater than €100,000, and/or are nearing retirement. If you are not quite there yet, but want to build your wealth using the right tools, we might still be able to assist.

Long-Term Perspective

When we establish a new relationship we expect it to last a long time, most likely decades. Therefore, we are strongly committed to the absolute best client service in the market place.

Get Started

Contact us for an initial meeting, via phone +352 202 033 27 or email In the initial meeting, an Advisor will explain how we work, answer any questions, and listen and learn from you. Then you work together with your advisor to realistically envision your financial future. The Cardea International Advisor will provide you with a no-strings-attached recommendation.