There are three ways to invest in the Mosaic Global Fund:

  1. Most investors prefer to work with their own financial advisors. An investor can access the fund by using a major international life insurance platform such as Friends Provident or Royal Skandia provided by their financial advisor. See list below.
  2. An investor working with their own financial advisor can invest directly in the fund simply by completing the Mosaic Global Fund Subscription Form, which is required, with their advisor.
  3. A qualified individual investor can invest directly in the fund by contacting Cardea International and requesting the latest prospectus. The qualified individual investor must first read the prospectus and complete the subscription form.

Click here if you would like a copy of the prospectus and additional forms needed to invest. We will send you the information right away.

All subscription documents are processed by the Mosaic Global Fund Administrator at the following address.

APEX Fund Services
2, boulevard de la Foire,
L-1528 Luxembourg


Available on Major International Life Insurance Platforms:

Royal Skadia (Download Client Confirmation Sheet) (PDF, 42.6 KB)
Friends Provident (Download Client Confirmation Sheet) (PDF, 124.7 KB)
AEGON Ireland
Generali International

Minimum Investment: Euro 25.000 or currency equivalent

Minimum Investment Direct: Euro 125.000 or currency equivalent

A client confirmation sheet is required and must be completed by main investor. This is standard procedure, please ask your advisor for more information.