The Mosaic Global Fund’s estimated performance for the month of July is 4.51%, which brings the estimated year to date return to 2.70%.

July brought with it a continued focus on monetary policy around the world. Market participants tried to dissect and evaluate how the U.S. Federal Reserve’s suggested “tapering” would impact global markets. Central banks outside of the U.S. continued to present a more loose view of their monetary policies which helped the markets to recover most of their June losses.

In addition to a broad recovery in stock markets, gold and silver took a breather in their down trends recovering some lost ground from previous months. Also, crude oil and the overall energy complex experienced a strong month.

The Mosaic Global Fund had its strongest month ever, returning just under 6 percent for the month. Our US stock market positions were the largest positive return contributor with some additional returns coming from our hedge fund positions as well as smaller contributions from trend followers.

We have recently begun to implement some exciting new techniques in the Fund. We see this month´s strong return as a positive outcome of these recent implementations. We look forward with excitement to discuss our improved methods with you in the coming months.

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Per-Olov Jansson & the Cardea Investment Team


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