Do you know what your financial goals are?

Whether your vision of the future is crystal clear or a bit fuzzy, our goal is to help you focus on your financial target and launch an investment strategy aimed at achieving the life you want. The process of crafting a suitable investments strategy with the right mix of assets tailored to your needs includes establishing: what you expect from your investments; your attitude towards money; how you want to use your assets in future; and your attitude towards risk? This is an evolutionary process. Most people will change their attitude towards risk as they grow older. Our service is a personal one, so you will have a contact person dedicated to answering your questions.

Do you want to get off of the rollercoaster?

For many investors, the investment journey is a wild one, with large ups and downs, at the mercy of the markets. This is not our approach to investing. The Cardea International investment style is aimed at growing capital at a reasonable pace with a strong focus on capital protection. To this end, Cardea has developed unique investment models that we execute with the help of low cost, efficient and transparent ETFs (exchange traded funds).

The Cardea investment models create a robust investment framework because of the underlying quantitative analyses of trends and momentum. Further, Cardea uses a risk management system to reduce volatility and control downside risk. Our coherent strategy and tools build strong returns while minimizing the ups and downs in investor portfolios.

Please connect with us via email on,, or phone, +352 202 033 27 to find out more. More information is available at this link Becoming a Client.