Did you know that almost 40% of all stocks during the period from 1983 to 2006 in the US were unprofitable?

Here are some other facts for you to digest:

Almost 1 in every five stock lost 75% of their value.

Almost 2 thirds of all stocks underperform the index.

25% or 1 out of four stocks were responsible for all market gains…

High performing stocks tend to have one thing in common.

Please read this attached PDF from Longboard Asset Management. It’s only 5 pages and with a lot of graphs so it is easy to read and truly an eye opener.

When you have read it, STOP, and think about this for a second. Why am I sharing this information with you? The reason is that the above statistics is actually crucial for anyone investing in markets. If you don’t have a plan to capture the right investments, in this example it is stocks, and no way of getting out of bad investments the probability that you will make money in markets over time is very slim.

I hope it was an eye opener for you and something that you can use in discussions with colleagues and clients.

If you would like to discuss how we approach investing and benefit from strategies that takes advantage of the realization from this article please get in touch with us here: info@cardeainternational.com

Per Olov Jansson
CEO Cardea International


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